Galen’s Newest Product: eNotify

Two of the biggest challenges of tasking within Allscripts Enterprise EHR are the lack of task notifications and out of office messages.   Galen’s latest product, eNotify, addresses these hurdles by providing users with out of office indicators, as well as, immediate notifications for urgent tasks directly on the user’s PC and phone.

Urgent Call Backs

Receive notifications on your desktop of urgent messages, like call backs to patients and colleagues. Click on the notification to navigate to your EHR task list.

Desktop Task Notification

Critical Labs

eNotify will inform you of urgent tasks, like critically abnormal results, allowing you to easily respond without being chained to the EHR.

Out of Office

eNotify conveniently alerts you when sending a task to a user who is currently out of the office.

out of office notification (2)

Out of Office Indicator

On the Go

While on call, receive messages about your patients on your phone with relevant patient information.  Call the patient back privately with a single tap on your screen.

Mobile Notification (4)

Mobile Task Notification

To learn more about eNotify, view the demo video here.

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