Seven Years of Growth and Change

This November is of particular importance; it marks the seven year anniversary for Galen Healthcare Solutions! Oh, there is also a major election coming up too. Four years ago, and still today, “change” seems to be a prominent verb used by both candidates. While we can’t always agree on which political candidate’s “change” we agree with, we can all agree that “change” as it relates to health care is anything but subjective. 

Seven years ago, EHRs were just beginning to take a strong hold in the ambulatory marketplace. Many organizations were on the forefront of adoption, while just as many were trying to fight the inevitable. Today adoption is assumed. Organizations have, at a minimum, made a vendor decision and begun planning for implementation and Meaningful Use. Just having an EHR and using the basic functionality is no longer the baseline. Patients are demanding more, and health care providers and organizations are expecting more from their numerous vendors. 

Over the past seven years Galen has seen enormous change as well and we do our best to embrace it. We have grown from 4 employees to just over 85. We have created a training program for new graduates, or just new to health care in general, to help us serve our clients in their changing needs. Our technical services department, in addition to helping clients with continued technical needs (interfaces, conversions, data mining, reporting, etc), have developed a number of complimentary products to the EHR. Some of them have been around a long time: VitalCenter – our business continuity solution; and some of them are new: eCalcs and eNotify. All in the spirit of change and adaptability, serving our clients, and having fun at what we do.

So to all of our clients and friends: have a safe and happy holiday season and, at least for me, be thankful the elections will be over when the family gets together!

-Matt Nice

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