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The Galen Wiki has recently been redesigned to make things easier for users to navigate.  The wiki is a great place to obtain answers you struggle to find elsewhere.  The application and technical troubleshooting pages are two great examples of helpful resources.  Here you will find many frequently asked questions with detailed answers from our experts here at Galen.

The concept of the wiki is to have a collaborative environment for everyone (including visitors) to share their experiences and knowledge to help the EHR community as a whole.  In a field as vast as Health Care there is no way of possibly knowing or remembering every detail of the Allscripts Enterprise EHRTM and ancillary applications and the wiki is a great place to store helpful information.

Read this past article about how to use the Galen wiki to collaborate and share knowledge:

The primary change to the Galen wiki is the re-design of the main page.  The information is now organized by category and the EHR section is structured by component or module.  The new page is similar to the previous wiki page, but is more user-friendly and organized.  Many times with wikis that contain tons of information it is difficult to use the search function to find the page with the answer you are looking for, especially if don’t know what you are trying to find.  By breaking down the content of the wiki by category it gives the user a better chance of narrowing down where the article containing the information might be located by starting with broader sections and being able to search the content from there.

Some of you have probably used the wiki in the past and for others you may be seeing it for the first time.  In either case, we would love to hear what you think about the new structure of the Galen wiki so please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions with ways we can improve the site.

As always, if you need any assistance building your system please contact us at Galen.  Check out the Galen Website for a complete list of our technical and professional services and let us know if we can help you in any way.

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