Enterprise EHR Technical Services – Scaling Solutions to Meet Your Needs

In the last few weeks, I have provided Enterprise EHR Technical Training for two of our clients. Although this is a training that I have delivered to many clients in the past, I learned a lot during these recent training sessions. We usually combine a series of structured presentations along with a day or two of troubleshooting the client’s specific issues and questions. In this scenario, I spend three or four days on-site with a small team of technical resources. Last week, I broke from this formula to provide a greater focus on the core material to get one of my client contacts up to speed quickly on how Enterprise EHR works. We moved to a two-day, one-on-one training here in Galen’s Vermont office.

I find more and more that when we are scoping client projects, we are able to start with our standard offering (i.e., a three-day on-site training). From there, we tailor what we are doing to the client’s needs. Other times, we simply need to start from scratch and scope the project completely around the client’s unique situation. We always want to account for special considerations, such as larger clients who have much bigger databases or a large number of application servers. The amount of resourcing we need to assign for a small or medium size upgrade client Go-Live pales in comparison to what it takes to deliver updates across dozens of severs over a short period of time.

We also see this when scoping Tier 2 support agreements for organizations that need a little bit of assistance supporting their Enterprise EHR environment. We find that some groups ask us to proactively keep an eye on their Enterprise EHR servers. Other groups may just want the ability to call on our EHR Technicians when a problem arises to assist with troubleshooting. And for anyone that has an empty position for their EHR Technician role, we can do half- or even full-time allotments of one of our EHR Technicians.

Our tailored approach to training and other projects paid dividends last week during the one-on-one training I mentioned earlier. It was clear from the start that the student had a strong knowledge of server configuration, which allowed me to comfortably breeze by certain topics that I generally cover in depth with a broader audience. I love the challenge of adjusting which services we provide and how we provide them based on the situation. The two customized Enterprise EHR Architecture trainings that I delivered recently reaffirmed two things. First, our clients benefit from our attention to detail and tailoring around their specific needs. Second, perhaps a little selfishly, the trainings reinforced the confidence I have in the knowledge of Enterprise EHR architecture that I’ve built up over the years.

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