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There are several tricky points when designing workflows relative to Urgent/Express Care (UC/EC) practices. Results verification can be complicated due to the fact that many of the providers working the UC are not there in the office on a regular basis and therefore will not be able to effectively manage results in a timely fashion. To add, in my experience, many UC/EC providers rotate between practices.

Many organizations attempt to use worklists designed using a filter based on ‘Current Site’. This can be risky as it will not account for results that file in as unsolicited (or recorded orders). The reason, the site in which the order is placed is saved in the database relative to the order – not the result (although it is usually passed back via the interface). So, an unsolicited result essentially has no site. Additionally, even the most thorough bi-directional interface will not protect the risk of unsolicited results and it should be expected that there will always be a very small percentage of results filed unsolicited.

To make the system more forgiving, a routing list can be added in the result interface. This technique uses the site passed back with the result message and can query a t-table to task a team versus the actual ordering provider. Ideally, it would be configured to match site code with a team or faux provider and task views in EHR can be built in accordance. Results can then easily be review in a task list where any UC/EC provider can be assigned.

Additional Information: Rotating Coverage Tasking

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