Tips From The EHR: New PCP Field Preferences

The recent release of HotFix 4 for Allscripts Enterprise EHRTM v11.2.3 introduces two new Preferences for the Primary Care Provider (PCP) field in the Patient Profile dialog.  These new preferences allow the System Administrator to (1) prevent the user from editing the PCP field and to (2) set the default search option of “Provider” or “Referring Provider” in the “Select a Provider” dialog.

These preferences can be found in the TWAdmin workplace under the ‘General Preferences’. Only the PCPDefaultSearch preference can be overridden by the user.

PCPEditable– determines whether the PCP field on the Patient Profile dialog is editable.  It can be set at the Enterprise or Organization level and is delivered as ‘Y’ by default from Allscripts.  When this preference is set to ‘Y’ the user is able to click on the field and change the value. If this preference is set to ‘N’ the PCP field is greyed out and the user is not able to change this value.

This preference will help with the issue of when these values are not synched with the PMS.  In earlier versions this field was automatically editable allowing mismatched values between the EHR and PM systems.

PCPDefaultSearch – determines whether the “Provider” or “Referring Provider” option is defaulted in the “Select a Provider” dialog.  It can be set at the Enterprise or User level and is set as ‘Provider’ by default from Allscripts.  When this preferences value is set to “Provider” , the “Provider” option button will be selected. When this preference is set to “Referring Provider”, the “Referring Provider” option button will be selected in the “Select a Provider” dialog.

The “Select a Provider” dialog box opens when you click on the binoculars next to the PCP field in the “Patient Profile Dialog”.

This preference will help reduce additional clicks for the user that always searches for either a “Provider” or a “Referring Provider”. In the past this was always set to “Provider” and an additional click was necessary to change the search option to “Referring Providers”.


If you have any questions about these new preferences or need any assistance building your system please contact us at Galen.  Check out the Galen Website for a complete list of our technical and professional services and let us know if we can help you in any way.

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