Our Ambition: Perfect the EHR

In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time.

– Anthony J. D’Angelo

One of the things that has made Galen Healthcare Solutions as successful as it has been over the past 6 years is its belief that, when used optimally, an Electronic Health Record can radically improve the quality of care in this country.  We are consumed with the challenge of eradicating outdated concepts and processes carried forward from a paper-based system that has no place in today’s digital age.  Further, we believe that the EHR we specialize in, the Allscripts Enterprise EHRTM, is in a class by itself as the premier Ambulatory Electronic Health Record in the industry.

No organization knows better than we do, however, how significant the gap is between the current state of the EHR in the vast majority of health care organizations and the potentially fully optimized state.  Most organizations, daunted by the magnitude of the task of simply deploying an EHR have, to a large degree, replaced the paper chart with a computer.  Few, if any, have fully re-engineered their clinics to best leverage the power of the EHR and, as a result, are experiencing a significant reduction in patient throughput.  This is not news, and most organizations we talk to acknowledge that “Clinical Adoption” is the “Next Great Challenge”.

Here at Galen, our shift to meet this “Next Great Challenge” is well underway.  We are involved in hundreds of projects where the focus is on augmenting workflows, connecting and presenting information where it is needed most, re-building Note Forms to minimize the amount of time a provider spends clicking the screen, and, through much of the aforementioned work, changing perceptions amongst the user community that an EHR can be elegantly designed and efficiently utilized.

The simple reality, however, is that workflow redesign and EHR tweaks can only improve the patient engagement process a finite amount.  Despite every effort to tailor the application and the clinical environment to mesh perfectly, providers still must function within its boundaries and are often stepping outside of the software to review ancillary sources of information necessary to provide the highest level of care.

As our name suggests, Galen endeavors to be a solutions oriented organization.  So, rather than accepting what the EHR necessitates, we have chosen to expand on its capabilities.  We know that if we minimize the additional effort involved in an encounter, providers will see more patients, quality of care will improve, and throughput will grow to a level beyond what it was prior to the EHR deployment.

We have several solutions that will significantly improve clinical efficiency:


eCalcs are commonly used health calculators fully integrated into Enterprise EHRTM, removing the need to step outside the EHR to access them.  The patient’s information is pre-loaded into the calculator, reducing time and errors, and the patient’s score is seamlessly documented into the patient’s EHR chart.

Learn more at: http://wiki.galenhealthcare.com/ECalcs_-_Integrated_Health_Calculators

Location Aware Printing (LAP)

Location Aware Printing allows you to print based on where you are, rather than who you are. As you move from exam room to exam room, back to your desk, and throughout the office, LAP will print to the printer that’s closest to you. You save time during every visit, up to an hour per day.


eNotify provides Outlook-style notifications for urgent tasks right on the provider’s screen, eliminating the need to check the tasks screen in the EHR.  By pro-actively notifying a provider of a task, it removes one more item the provider has to remind themself to do.

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