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Introducing the Allscripts Interface Developers Network – a forum for Allscripts integrators by Allscripts integrators. The site is intended to facilitate knowledge-share and collaboration within the Allscripts integration community.

Too many of us live in silos and don’t have the means necessary to collaborate and exchange knowledge and IP instead of reinventing the wheel. Our hope is to enable our clients and the community to produce integrations that conform to best-practice principles and are efficient and safe in the transfer of critical patient clinical data. The scenarios for collaboration are vast, with just a few examples listed below:

  • Design: When designing an interface, an integration analyst may not have the necessary documentation they need concerning the functionality of the API, a list of configuration options, or a template to work off of.
  • Scripts (both interface engine and database): Additionally, there may be a need for custom scripts, and perhaps another member of the community has already developed said script.
  • Error Remediation and Mitigation: Perhaps an analyst has encountered an error that they have not seen before, yet another group has and has a process for mitigation
  • Performance Optimization: We recently encountered a scenario where clients were experiencing performance degradation in their live environment – namely results were taking upwards of three minutes (!!!) from when they were first received in the source system to the point where the processed and filed into the EHR. With a Cached Lookup solution, the client was able to get the processing time back down to a more reasonable value.

You’ll also notice that the forum contains quite a bit of content already. We recently conducted a “soft-launch” of the forum, reaching out to our strategic partners, and got phenomenal response. A special thank you and congrats goes out to Ray Lape, EHR Application Manager at Medisync Midwest. His contributions and collaboration have been outstanding thus far. We know there are more like Ray out there, so please register and begin participation today!

So, as integration questions arise, instead of – or in addition to – emailing to a corresponding interface vendor representative, please post on the forum. Create or branch threads where appropriate. Also note that RSS capability has been enabled on the forum to offer ease of subscription.

Lastly, feedback is certainly important and if there are ways we can improve the site, especially in regards to the forum categories, it is certainly appreciated. In fact, there is a separate forum category that addresses site feedback.


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    Jeff Robbins

    I have a customer that needs an inexpensive way to get billing data into Allscripts. Buying an HL7 interface from Allscripts is cost-prohibitive. Thoughts?
    Thanks, Jeff

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