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Over the past year we continued to experience tremendous change as a company, an Allscripts community and as an industry.

As a company we can point to our proficiency with the Allscripts PM and Professional products. Prior to 2010, our Technical Services team had been involved with a handful of interfaces with Allscripts Enterprise PM, primarily the standard interfaces with the Enterprise EHR. In 2010, however, the team took its knowledge of PM interfaces from elementary to expert as demonstrated in the PM Integration article in this newsletter. The team became experts in inbound demographics conversions, customized outbound registration and scheduling interfaces, and began to explore the world of general ledger interfaces. Additionally, the company performed its first conversion of an Allscripts Professional EHR system – splitting a single environment into three as part of a four-party acquisition. Galen also had the fortune of bringing on a handful of experienced Allscripts PM Implementation Professionals in 2010.

It wouldn’t be entirely fair to categorize 2010 as the year of Allscripts PM and Professional at Galen. Our advancements in these areas simply showcase the organization’s willingness to embrace change. Our commitment to learning and, more importantly, sharing what we learn requires us to constantly move into unexplored territory as we strive to add measurable value to our clients. We share our experiences and newfound knowledge within the industry via the Galen Wiki and the Galen Blog. We also see the Allscripts community sharing its knowledge through the Regional User Groups, the AmberSight forums and at ACE each year.

The upcoming year promises to bring even more change to all of us in Healthcare IT. Many groups are aiming to achieve Stage 1 Meaningful Use in 2011. This means an upgrade to Allscripts Enterprise EHR version 11.2. It means capturing new data, like smoking status and language. It means new interfaces, including lab and immunizations. New workflows. New reporting. We all have a lot to do.

At Galen, we began our journey towards Meaningful Use in earnest in 2010 following the release of the Interim Final Rule. Our Meaningful Use Committee began meeting bi-weekly to discuss the rules, their impact and how we can quickly and effectively assist our clients to meet MU in 2011. Galen’s Upgrade Team will be performing nearly 20 upgrades to v11.2 this summer, ensuring the systems are there for our clients to achieve meaningful use in 2011. Additionally our Interface Team has been furiously working the past 12 months on interfaces that aid in achieving Meaningful Use, and will continue to do so over the next two years.

At Galen, we welcome the opportunity of another year working with some of the best health care providers in the nation. We look forward to overcoming the challenges that will come with implementing the software, workflows and procedures necessary to achieve Meaningful Use.
We will stay the course of learning and sharing – with our colleagues, with our existing clients and with the broader Allscripts community.

Mike Dow

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