Galen Framingham Risk Calculator integration

Integrating other web applications into the EHR is a dream for many.

Here, we take the risk calculator built based on the Framingham Heart Study, and integrate it into the Allscripts Enterprise EHR.  With the integration from Galen, the EHR sends the required fields into the Framingham Risk Calculator, like patient age, blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing the data entry and number of clicks for the clinician.

Now’s it’s as simple to calculate the patient’s risk of heart attack, as it is to view their chart, all while in the EHR.

UPDATE: this is now part of eCalcs, the integrated health calculators.

As we mention in the video, the Framingham Risk Calculator is just one example of integrating a website or web application into the EHR.

Galen has worked with groups on many types of EHR to web application integration – what would you add to the EHR, if you could?

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    Kati N.

    I can’t get the video to pull up on the blog, is there a way anyone could email it to me or send me a different link instead? Thanks!

  2. 4

    I saw a presentation at ACE about the add on features such as the UpToDate link within Allscripts Enterprise, spell check as well as the medical calcuator and would like more information. How do I get in touch with a Sales Rep to discuss costs, etc?

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