Allscripts EHR and 3rd Party Integrations

We here at Galen have seen a greater influx of requests to be able to integrate client’s EHR environments with 3rd party applications and/or internet websites.

I’ve created a few examples that I’ve added to our Wiki page.


With this case study Galen had a client who has implemented a patient portal application whereby patients are able to send messages to their doctors regarding tests, results and general questions. The client was looking for a way to have the provider be able to integrate this application directly into the EHR. With RelayHealth’s help we have succesfully built a prototype whereby a provider can seamlessly communicate with a patient in the most efficient manner possible!


In this example a client was looking for a new link on their vertical toolbar which would allow them to display any website in their current workspace (the main viewing pane of the EHR). This one example integrates the website directly into the EHR window without having to navigate through a new tab or window, showing a FRAX calculator. The other tab actually has the ability to take in patient context (height, weight, blood pressure, etc.) and pass it into a form automatically populating fields to save physicians valuable time. This article goes through the steps involved in setting up new vertical toolbars, horizontal toolbars, and workspaces to set up these outside websites in the EHR. The actual code to populate patient context is fairly complex but definitely something Galen would love to help out with!

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