Queens Long Island Medical Group Goes Live With VitalCenter™, The Business Continuity Solution from Galen Healthcare Solutions

Galen Healthcare Solutions announced today that Queens Long Island Medical Group has gone live with VitalCenter™, the business continuity solution for health care organizations that rely on the availability of their electronic health records to provide patient care.

Garden City, NY October 30, 2009 – Galen Healthcare Solutions today announced that Queens Long Island Medical Group, (QLIMG) has deployed VitalCenter for its 350 physicians in multi-specialty practices as their business continuity solution for Electronic Health Record (EHR) downtime.

VitalCenter fills a long standing void within the marketplace, addressing the needs of every specialty, by delivering off-line copies of patients’ charts when the EHR is unavailable. A PC configured with VitalCenter, receive updates of patients’ chart information on a regular schedule, without impacting the EHR’s responsiveness. VitalCenter provides the ability to view or print copies of a patient chart on PC’s within a clinic. In addition, the solution allows the provider to electronically document and upload the visit details back into the EHR.

We’ve experienced a number of incidents that have prevented access to the EHR. As a leader in our community we feel it is imperative to provide our patients with unparalleled care. This solution provides the continuity of clinical information that allows that to happen. We researched other downtime solutions, including full disaster recovery solutions, but in addition to being expensive to both deploy and maintain, those solutions did not solve the problem of localized network outages”, said Lenny Brunson, Chief Information Officer of Queens Long Island Medical Group.

Galen’s VitalCenter is integrated with the Allscripts Enterprise Electronic Health Record and will distribute off-line copies of patient charts to each clinic based on the location of the appointment. The solution is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of all of the specialties and allows for each provider to customize the data that is delivered.

Shutting down clinics early for maintenance is an inconvenience for patients and is also a missed opportunity for physicians. An upgrade to the server environment, network or EHR may require that the EHR be unavailable to providers. VitalCenter will continue to deliver crucial patient information to caregivers with no interruption in service.

VitalCenter is the answer to the first question on everyone’s mind when they move to a paperless practice,” said Stephen McQueen, CEO of Galen. “‘How do I safely and effectively see patients if I can’t get to my charts?’ VitalCenter overcomes that obstacle and provides our clients with predictable encounter volumes, regardless of the circumstances.”

The implementation of VitalCenter is a quick and secure process by which it is installed and deployed through a PC installer. The VitalCenter Management Suite allows for client-specific configurability.

VitalCenter allows physicians to document their patient encounters while the EHR is offline. The documents, called VitalNotes are then automatically uploaded to the EHR once a connection can be made.

Another advantage of the VitalCenter Solution was the ease of installation. The system works in such a way that we do not need to impact our production system.   With many concurrent projects, and dependencies, the ease of deployment and support are critical to QLIMG,” said Mr. Brunson.

For additional information or to schedule a demo of VitalCenter please contact Cary Bresloff at 888.GALEN.44 ext 706 or visit vitalcenter.galenhealthcare.com.

About Queens Long Island Medical Group: Queens-Long Island Medical Group, P.C. is a physician-owned medical group that staffs and operates twenty-two medical center offices throughout Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. For more information, please visit www.qlimg.com.

About Galen Healthcare Solutions, Inc.: Galen Healthcare Solutions was founded in 2005 with a specific focus on assisting members of the health care community with the challenging, sometimes daunting task of migrating to a predominantly paperless world. Galen resources possess decades of clinical and electronic health record experience. Galen has been on the forefront of the EHR movement and offers a vast array of skills from database architecture to senior-level project management and implementation services. Galen resources have been involved in hundreds of EHR implementations, from inception to completion, varying in size from 6 physician specialty practices to 1,200 physician multi-specialty organizations. For more information, please visit www.galenhealthcare.com

Galen Healthcare Solutions is the foremost third party expert on Allscripts Enterprise EHR.

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