Excuses for not implementing an Imperfect EHR

More structure and planning help to head off excuses and voluntary non-compliance.  One of the more common excuses is finding reasons the system is less than perfect, ignoring the fact that the system is replacing a flawed system in many cases.  I couldn’t count the times I have spent  explaining “flaws” in a system that were really the same flaws that existed in the paper world.

There has to be accountability for non-compliance with expectations.  Metrics have to be in place to track compliance and remediation has to be in place to assist with compliance.  This needs the appropriate chain of command authority and support.

Here are some thought to promote compliance.

Competition – Use individuals competitive spirit to drive compliance.  Publish compliance success stories that prove utilization is possible which naturally spark some competitive spirit in some, which also is aided by the “un-biased” peer being the one that made it work and can use their clinical credibility to persuade.  Physician Champions are often well suited for this because they have a better understanding of the big picture.

Buttons – Take the time to take notice of what the pain points and satisfaction buttons are for the varied audiences.   If you know what these are the message can be tailored to accommodate the differences.

Piloting – Use piloting to work out the kinks.  If you aren’t sure how something is going to play out in a specific situation, play it out with a willing participant or champion to refine the process before rolling it out in mass.

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