Dictating with Dragon

We recently brought our first client live on the Community Health Record using a Stark-donated implementation of TouchWorks.

At one client, who is donating TouchWorks under the Stark exception, we’re using Citrix to present the EHR to the users. Because of the resource requirements for Dragon (2GB+ RAM), we’ve installed it locally on the client PC’s instead of on the Citrix server and are just using Citrix for the EHR.

Using Dragon directly in the EHR works ok, but the accuracy and consistency is better when using the dictation box. Unfortunately when using the EHR in Citrix and Dragon locally on the PC, the ‘Transfer’ button in the Dictation Box is not able to determine where in the application to put the dictated text. The Phillips SpeechMike can be configured to solve this problem of getting the dictated text from the Dictation Box into the TouchWorks application with minimal effort.

Configure the SpeechMike’s fast forward button so that the following commands are issued: – Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Tab, Tab, Enter

This selects the text from the dictation box, copies it to the clipboard, and then closes the dictation box.

So the entire work flow would be something like this:

  • Press the ‘Insert Overwrites’ button on the microphone to bring up the dictation box
  • Press the record button to dictate
  • Press the fast forward button
  • Click in the appropriate field in the EHR
  • Using the microphone say “paste that”

Of course you can always dictate directly into TouchWorks, but the commands don’t seem to work as consistently as they do in the Dictation Box.

Thanks to Melissa Heath for the SpeechMike configuration.

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