Top 10 Tweets from Clinical Decision Support HITsm Chat

Top 10 Tweets from Clinical Decision Support HITsm Chat

Last week we hosted the #HITsm (healthcare IT social media) community chat on Twitter on the topic of “Practical Applications of EMR Optimization Through Clinical Decision Support.” We discussed  types of CDS (including sepsis surveillance, risk calculators, drug interaction, among others), mechanisms to deliver CDS to the point of care, workflow and alert fatigue implications, and methods for sharing proven CDS libraries.


We used the following 6 questions as the framework. Here are the top 10 insights from them:

T1: What experiences do you have with CDS implementation? What impacts (positive and negative) did it have?

T2: How can CDS best be deployed to the point of care without exacerbating alert fatigue?

T3: How are different types of CDS initiatives (VTE, sepsis detection & prevention; clinical pathways implementation; risk calculation) prioritized?

T4: Is CDS best suited to be managed by EMR vendors or can CDS be shared across vendors? How?

T5: What are strategies to manage to CDS code and clinical peer review and rating?

Bonus: What are mechanisms for making knowledge artifacts for CDS shareable?

To learn more about the #HITsm chat overview visit EMR & HIPAA, or check out the full tweet chat transcript here. If you’re interested in how Galen can help with your optimization efforts, view our full suite of services, or contact us below:

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