KLAS Reports: Implementation Services 2017: Which Firms Consistently Exceed Expectations?

KLAS Reports: Implementation Services 2017: Which Firms Consistently Exceed Expectations?

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In this latest installment of healthsystemCIO’s quarterly webinar series with KLAS, you’ll learn about the top purveyors of implementation services. You’ll hear directly from report author Garrett Hall, Research Director, Cybersecurity & Implementation Services, KLAS, about what he found when delving into the data and what it means for you. There will also be a robust Q&A to answer all of your questions.

According to KLAS’ 2016 Healthcare Consulting report, providers anticipate using services firms to help with implementations more than with any other area. In order to help providers narrow down the seemingly endless number of implementation firms, this report identifies the type of implementation work each firm performs, including business solutions implementation, enterprise implementation leadership, support and staffing, and go-live support.

Business Solutions Implementation

Consultant experience is the key that makes or breaks a firm’s rating in this category. According to KLAS, ‘The re-energized area of business solutions implementation encompasses the installations of nonclinical systems, such as ERP, analytics, and HR/payroll solutions.’ Those who excelled had experienced consultants who were able to give tailored advice. They provided effective resource delivery to simplify the implementation process for their clients.

HIT Enterprise Implementation Leadership

An enterprise wide implementation is not something to take lightly, it’s a huge undertaking, one that requires effective and trusted leadership. The top earners in this category approached implementations holistically by suggesting best practices based on provider’s unique needs. Engaged executives offered their strategic expertise while knowledgeable consultants provided effective training. To maintain a high score, leaders must go beyond the initial implementation and maintain communication throughout the engagement.

HIT Implementation Support & Staffing

A keen understanding of clinical application functionality and technical infrastructure uniquely positions firms to positively impact every aspect of a clinical application implementation process.  The highest ranked firms in this category acted as a partner to their clients and were flexible during negotiations. They evaluated and prepared providers for each implementation step beforehand for a smooth and seamless transition.

Galen is proud to be named among those ranked whose customers consistently receive high value and quality resources. Galen consultants were specifically recognized for being proactive in offering assistance beyond their original scope.

Go-Live Support

Go-live support is vital to the success of an implementation. Firms should ensure functional mentoring to assist with seamless transitioning of consulting duties to an organization’s staff. Those that were ranked highly in this category partnered with clients and provided close contact with executives. Those who didn’t score as well had challenges with unfulfilled promises and poor resource management.

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