8 Metrics to Quantify the ROI of Data-Driven EMR Optimization

8 Metrics to Quantify the ROI of Data-Driven EMR Optimization

In implementing EMRs out of the box, most HDOs leveraged prescriptive, templated workflows to speed deployment. Often, this came at the expense of efficiency, as best-practice, canned workflows may work for some groups, but also are likely to introduce unnecessary clicks. Customization of workflow to streamline is a large area of opportunity for optimization. Not only does it translate to tangible dollars and cents, but it positively impacts end-user satisfaction, enhances clinical decision support, and allots more time for your providers to interact with patients.

Data Objectivity EMR Optimization

Organizations that fail to properly integrate and leverage EMR capabilities can quickly find themselves trapped in post-implementation purgatory, paralyzed by disenchanted users and underwhelming provider performance. Adopting a data-driven approach to optimization provides organizations with the ability to diagnose and correct problems by measuring and evaluating performance across specific metrics.

EMR Optimization Metrics

Insight into performance and outcomes data allows for HDOs to achieve quality metrics and foster sustained performance improvement. A robust EMR optimization strategy can help HDOs realize the promised value from implementation of an EMR. EMR optimization is the driver of strategic value, and can become a sustainable competitive advantage through leadership, innovation and measurement. Success requires a disciplined, data-driven, outcomes-based approach to meet a defined set of objectives.

EMR Optimization Outcomes

EMRs have not yet achieved their full potential, providers are weary of the inefficiencies, and more resources must be spent to optimize the original investments. A properly integrated and fully utilized system can establish the foundation for significant and sustained organizational improvements in HDO efficiency, end-user satisfaction, and data quality.

EMR as a Strategic AssetGain perspectives from HDO leaders who have successfully navigated EMR clinical optimization and refine your EMR strategy to transform it from a short-term clinical documentation data repository to a long-term asset by downloading our EMR Optimization Whitepaper.

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