Your Data Migration Questions Answered: Ask the Expert Q&A Panel

Your Data Migration Questions Answered: Ask the Expert Q&A Panel

The next installment in Galen's complimentary educational webcast series

Data migrations are complicated.  If the right questions aren’t asked at the start of the project, it may be executed in a way that does not meet the needs of all stakeholders –resulting in time-consuming and often expensive rework or project cost overruns. We want to simplify the migration process by giving you the chance to drive the content of our upcoming webcast. Submit any of your data migration questions and we’ll answer them live!

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Expert Panel

Our moderators have extensive experience in data migration efforts, having supported over 250+ projects, and migration of 40MM+ patient records and 7K+ providers.  The conversion process itself is often quite quick, but it has to be well thought-out in order to succeed. Your project team and/or vendor must take the time to ask many questions at the beginning, and think carefully about the impact of each answer. From changes in workflows, items to consider when migrating data, to knowing what to migrate versus archive, our experts have the answers to your questions.

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