A HIMSS17 Must-See Presentation

A HIMSS17 Must-See Presentation

While working for a Best in KLAS ranked company has many perks, one I recently got to enjoy, is getting a sneak preview of the compelling projects my awesome coworkers are working on. In this case, I’m talking about Lead Consultant, Max Stroud’s HIMSS17 Presentation.

Powerful & Inspiring. The two words that come to mind after hearing a practice run of: Don’t You Know Me? Interoperability: A Patient Narrative

Her presentation, which she is co-presenting with her sister, Beth Stroud, follows a new HIMSS format. Essential Conversation is a 60-minute educational session that include a 20-minute lecture followed by a 40-minute conversation with the audience. Attendees are able to hear the experiences of the entire room and listen to multiple perspectives on the same issue.

This presentation follows the two sisters, one thriving with cancer, the other a HealthIT consultant & social worker, to document and explore a patient’s relationship to her health data.

While we often only see interoperability as an issue from a healthcare organization’s point-of-view, what happens when we put the patient at the center of the system instead? This presentation takes on that unique perspective, observing the sister’s personal journey through the complex healthcare network.  You’ll learn the pain points of interoperability directly from a patient herself.

From social security forms, to mobile phone medication tracking, and a tote bag full of MRIs, CT scans and legal paperwork, you’ll gain insight into the complicated data flow process. They explore gaps in health data interoperability that can provide critical insight into information that may not be evident from within an organization. It becomes apparent how much of healthcare happens outside of the healthcare setting and how the true hub of a patient’s care is the patient themselves, even if maybe they shouldn’t be.

This dynamic duo bounces off each other creating an engaging and compelling story that will make you ask: should that really be the patient’s responsibility? Or is it our responsibility to fix this?

What ideas does a patient have for how we can achieve interoperability? Things you may have never thought of are brought to light. People always say to look outside the box when approaching a difficult problem. That’s what this presentation does.

Let’s challenge the way we think. Let’s find the duct tape & innovate.  Join us at HIMSS17 for Max and Beth’s Essential Conversation: Don’t You Know Me? Interoperability: A Patient Narrative February 21st at 2:30PM EST in Room W303A

Be sure to stop by Booth 4448 to find out how Galen can help your organization! You can schedule a meeting here, and you’ll be entered to win an Apple Watch in the process!

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