What the Election Means For Healthcare IT

A recent blog post on FierceHealthIT  written by Dan Bowman describes how the 2012 election between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney could affect the Health IT industry.  In the article, Bowman features interviews with prominent figures in the industry and their opinions of what the industry could face in the future depending on the results of tonight’s election.

President Obama was the motivating force behind the HITECH Act enacted in 2009, encouraging adoption of EHRs and achieving meaningful use with interoperability between different systems.  It is fair to assume that if he was re-elected that we would not see a change in his support and will continue to see growth and milestones achieved in Health IT.

Some of the people interviewed in the article believe that if Romney is elected, we could likely see changes in the support of the HITECH Act, but that the industry has already come a long way and to reverse our progress seems unlikely.  However, priorities of hospitals, providers and insurers could shift if changes are made to health reform law.

Personally, I believe that Health IT is an important and necessary branch of healthcare that will continue to grow regardless of who is elected.  Technology is an imperative part of our everyday life and it is reasonable to think that with the inevitable advances in science and technology in the years to come, greater need will be placed on our industry to react to the ever changing and evolving practice of healthcare.

If you are wondering how you can get involved to keep up the support for the HITECH Act and the Health IT industry, HIMSS is hosting a Post-Election Webinar on November 14th to provide an interactive and engaging discussion on the effects of the election, and what we can do as Health IT professionals to help educate political leaders on the importance of our field.  Visit here to register.

How do you think the Health IT industry will be affected by the outcome of today’s election?

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    John Lynn

    We can be certain that healthcare is here to stay. Plus, using technology to improve healthcare is going to continue forever as well. So, health IT is a pretty great field. All that’s going to change is the names of the IT we implement.

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