Connecting Health from the Foundation

—Discrete Clinical Data Elements as the building blocks to a Connected Health Platform—

Broken down to its basis, any vision of a truly connected Health Network will be reliant on the ability to pass, and ultimately present, discrete data elements.  Although the audiences for the information will be diverse, and the front-end systems will vary, the foundation of the information is the same.  In order to unlock the value that lies in the data being captured every day, an organization must have solid planning and execution. 

Each organization we work with is unique, but overall themes are constant: Reporting for Meaningful Use, Optimizing Health Care Decisions with Analytics, and Growth through Acquisition or Partnership.     

If we consider Clinical Data as building blocks that will be used, in whole or part, to support these efforts, we need to ensure both the ease of access and integrity of that data.  Galen has leading expertise and insight on conversions, reporting, and interfaces that can help you down this path. 

So how do you take the first steps in creating solid building blocks?  We would recommend to:

Define and establish consistency in electronic documentation and workflow.  This starts by understanding the EHR build and configuration decisions that will impact both availability and integrity of the data.   This consistency will also pay dividends to the organization by making the support of the Enterprise EHR system more predictable and efficient. 

Independent of your organization’s current state, Galen has the breadth and depth of expertise to help achieve your vision.

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