Spotlight Fall 2011

It’s been an exciting quarter for everyone in the Allscripts community as more and more physicians are adopting EHR technology and health systems across the country are positioning themselves for Meaningful Use. As our industry continues to evolve, Galen has recently made some key promotions designed to give our employees additional support needed to provide high-quality services to a growing client base. Their leadership allows our company to stay better connected. Please join us in congratulating the following people on their recent promotions.

Dave Burkhead, Managing Consultant

Dave knows the configuration of the Enterprise EHR application front and back and has worked on the interface and technical side of the application. In addition to this product knowledge, Dave has project management experience and a natural ability to lead. This combination of product knowledge and higher level vision is at the heart of what Galen provides, and it’s what makes Dave such a valuable asset to both his clients and team members. Congratulations to Dave on this well-deserved promotion.

Steve Cotton, Managing Consultant

Steve came to Galen with superior product knowledge and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help his clients, and that has not changed. Steve does all things Enterprise EHR™; trainings, onsite support, orders/results build, interfaces, VitalCenter™ implementations, external Galen webinars, and much more. In addition to his client work, he has been a steady contributor to internal projects and is the true epitome of a team player. In his new role as Managing Consultant, Steve will be able to bring years of consulting and application experience to his team. We congratulate Steve on this well-deserved promotion.

Michael Ficociello, Upgrade Manager

Michael was one of the original upgrade team members who started in 2008 and has made immeasurable contributions to its success in the years since. His work ethic and attention to detail have allowed him to provide superior services to his clients, and his passion for process improvement has allowed the entire upgrade team to stay organized and on point. In his new role of managing the upgrade consultants and upgrade project managers, Michael will continue to provide leadership to the team in addition to his full workload with his own upgrade clients. Congratulations to Michael and thanks for all the hard work.

Troy Forcier, Senior Upgrade Technician

Troy has been upgrading Galen’s client base for the past three years, working with just about everything between V10 and V11. During that time, he has taken on some of our largest clients as well as some of our smallest, and done great work at every stop. In addition to his upgrade work, he has also gone on-site with clients to perform assessments of their Allscripts infrastructure, visited clients to perform Galen’s System Maintenance Training, and hosted educational webcasts.  He has also been a tremendous help in on-boarding some of our newer upgrade resources, allowing Galen to bring top-quality technical services to a growing client base. We congratulate Troy on his promotion to Senior Upgrade Technician.

Carl Fulton, Lead Consultant

Carl has been with Galen since September 2007 and has worked with multiple clients throughout his time with Galen.  The common theme with each is that they keep coming back to Galen for support with their implementations, upgrades, and other projects. He has tremendous product knowledge and combines his great sense of humor with a level of professionalism that makes him a great resource for all clients. In addition to his client-side impact, Carl plays a large role internally for the service team. He is truly an asset to the clients and to Galen. Carl has made the transition from Consultant to Senior Consultant to Lead Consultant in his four years here, and we congratulate him on his newest promotion.

Matt Woodside, Managing Consultant

Matt has been promoted to Managing Consultant and will now take on responsibilities for managing part of the service team in addition to his continued full-time client work. Matt has a combination of extensive product expertise and excellent leadership capabilities. His strong project management skills have helped him provide direction and leadership to one of Galen’s largest clients as they move towards Meaningful Use. Within Galen, he has helped with the recruitment of new employees, ensuring that Galen employees continue to represent the highest standard. Congratulations to Matt on his exciting new role as Managing Consultant.

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